About Us

Perimeter Zen is established by two great guys in Dallas with a passion for enabling others to create beautiful memories in their lives. Perimeter Zen is that special place!

This is who we are


Daymond E. Lavine Founder

Daymond E. Lavine, CLC is the founder of Perimeter Zen. Daymond has a background in engineering and entrepreneurship. Daymond is also the founder of Daymond & Co. Enterprises, and he is a Certified Life Coach (CLC), with his own coaching firm, Plurapreneur®.


Stanley Coleman Manager

Stanley Coleman has a background in Human Resources Management. He is also a Real Estate Sales Agent and Managing Partner with Daymond & Co. Real Estate.

This is what we do


Perimeter Zen is a private events venue loft, located in the Dallas Design District. Our occupancy load is 70. We service intimate private functions with no-hassle booking and onsite assistance.


Our mission is to ensure consumers in the Dallas area have a space for intimate social functions at an affordable cost. We also aim to provide wonderful services and the peace of mind our clients' events happen as wonderfully as they are planned!


Our business is always carried out with a focus of ease and convenience for our clients. Our booking process includes an initial visit, if required, as well as access to management for comfortable booking and assurance.